Corporate Broking

Corporate Broking provides the link between the Corporate Finance department’s transactions and advisory services as well as the distribution efforts of our Stockbroking arm

The Corporate Broking department assists companies in the preparation of presentation material and prospectuses, along with organising road show presentations to existing and potential shareholders.

Our Corporate Broking department also incorporates Investor Relations. This team ensures that we effectively communicate our corporate clients’ message to the market, ensuring an effective long-term relationship and support from shareholders when required.

Corporate Broking incorporates Sales, Sales Trading and Equity Research

We aim to provide insight and to add value to our clients investment decisions. Specific client needs vary greatly and we tailor our offering and advice accordingly. Ultimately, the provision of original investment ideas, access to company management and liquidity lie at the core of our offering.

Our Research aims to provide differentiated, value added advice to our clients. Through rigorous analysis we aim to generate both money-making ideas and thought-provoking views in order to help investors make money. Daniel Stewart provides comprehensive research on individual stocks, as well as sector-based and thematic work. Research also works closely with corporate clients.

The Sales team has excellent relationships with the majority of institutional clients who invest in small and medium sized companies. We aim to place shares efficiently, using the strength of our investor relationships to accurately assess demand and price sensitivity. Our increasing specialist focus in research also allows our sales staff to add real insight within our areas of coverage.

Our Sales Trading and Trading desks are vital in the provision of liquidity to our clients. This is especially important in small and mid-sized companies. We aim to provide a quality, innovative service which responds quickly to both customer orders and market conditions.

Corporate Broking and Research Team

David Lawman

David Lawman

Head of Corporate Broking

Jon Levinson

Jon Levinson

Corporate Broking/Finance

Robert Emmet

Robert Emmet

Corporate Broker

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we will succeed only if our clients' requirements are clearly understood and met in a professional and timely fashion. The full range of services we offer includes corporate finance, corporate broking, research, sales & trading, debt advisory and investor relations. Daniel Stewart is a regulated broker to both the Official List, AIM and NEX Exchange.