Envestry is the white-labelled funding platform you can license from Envestors

Envestors, one of the leading private investor networks, has spent the last two years (plus £500,000) developing its own proprietary funding platform, Envestry. It currently white-labels Envestry on a monthly license fee and transaction fee basis to 20+ companies wanting their own FCA regulated crowdfunding platform. Series A investment is sought to build the number of licensees from 20 to 250 and increase users (registered investors) from 5,000 currently, to 20,000. Most commentators believe the crowdfunding market –the digital online investment market – is establishing itself as a mainstream asset class. Increasingly investors want to do more online in terms of investing and managing their portfolio. As such, many organisations want to offer their own regulated online funding platforms to manage investors and deals, without incurring significant costs. It takes five minutes to set up a new licensee with a fully-functional Envestry funding platform.