(34 destinations in 24 countries)
  • MTF’s and Darkpools
    Direct to Chi-X (European MTF)
    Direct to Instinet BlockMatch
    Direct to Nyfix EuroMillennium
    Direct to CSFB Crossfinder
    Direct to Swissblock
    Direct to Turquoise
    Direct to BATS
    Direct to Nasdaq OMX
  • Austria
    Direct to Wiener Borse
  • Belgium
    Direct to Euronext Belgium
  • Czech Republic
    Direct to Prague Stock Exchange
  • Denmark
    Direct to Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • Estonia
    Direct to Tallin Stock Exchange
  • Finland
    Direct to Helsinki Stock Exchange
  • France
    Direct to Euronext Paris
  • Germany
    Direct to Frankfurt Floor (Xontro)
    Direct to Xetra (Deutsche Borse)
  • Greece
    Via local broker
  • Hungary
    Direct to Budapest Stock Exchange
  • Ireland
    Via local broker
  • Israel
    Via local broker
  • Italy
    Direct to Borsa Italiana (Milan)
  • Latvia
    Direct to Riga Stock Exchange
  • Lithuania
    Direct to Vilnius Stock Exchange
  • Netherlands
    Direct to Euronext Amsterdam
  • Norway
    Direct to Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Poland
    Direct to Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Portugal
    Direct to Euronext Lisbon
  • Spain
    Via Local Broker
  • Sweden
    Direct to Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • Switzerland
    Direct to SWX
    Direct to Virt-x
  • UK
    Direct to London Stock Exchange
  • Turkey
    Via local broker
North & South America

(40 destinations in 4 countries)
  • Instinet
    Direct to Chi-X Canada
    Direct to Instinet CBX
    Direct to Instinet Crosses (VWAP, IDX, LDX)
  • Brazil
    Via Local Broker
  • Canada
    Direct to Toronto Stock Exchange
    Direct to TSX Venture Exchange
  • Chile
    Via Local Broker
  • Mexico
    Direct to Mexico Stock Exchange
  • United States
    American Stock Exchange
    Automated Trading
    BATS Trading
    Pipeline Trading
    Bank of America
    Boston Exchange
    CBOE Stock Exchange
    Chicago Stock Exchange
    Cinncinati Exchange (NSX)
    Credit Suisse
    Flow Trading L.L.C
    Fimmenex - Mexican gateway
    Hill - BB & pinks
    International Securities Exchange
    Fidelity Investment
    Nite Trading
    Philadelphia Stock Exchange
    Credit Suisse Securities
    Goldman Sachs
    Tracdata - ECN
    UBS Bank
    BNY -Convergex
(2 destinations in 2 countries)
  • South Africa
    Direct to Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Egypt
    Via Local Broker

(20 destinations in 13 countries)
  • Instinet
    Direct to Instinet CBX
    Direct to JapanCrossing (VWAP, AM & PM Close)
    Direct to KoreaCrossing (VWAP)
  • Australia
    Direct to Sydney Stock Exchange
  • China
    Shanghai, via local broker
    Shenzen, via local broker
  • Hong Kong
    Direct to Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • India
    Via local broker
  • Indonesia
    Via local broker
  • Indonesia
    Via local broker
  • Japan
    Direct to Hercules
    Direct to JBE (Japan Best Execution)
    Direct to Jasdaq
    Direct to Osaka Stock Exchange
    Direct to Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Malaysia
    Via local broker
  • New Zealand
    Via local broker
  • Philippines
    Via local broker
  • Singapore
    Direct to Singapore Stock Exchange
  • South Korea
    Direct to Korea Stock Exchange
  • Thailand
    Via local broker
  • Taiwan
    Direct to Taiwan Stock Exchange
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