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The Daniel Stewart Investment hub is a central point for identifying, analysing and delivering trading, income and managed products

Our aim is to generate returns for our clients in accordance with their preferred balance between growth and income. We maintain regular and proactive contact with clients before and after a transaction. We also keep clients informed through a range of focussed in-house publications.

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Daniel Stewart Foreign Exchange (DSFX) is a bespoke foreign currency exchange/payments service for Corporates and Individuals

It enables clients to exchange currencies at market leading rates as well as make fast and secure National and International payments.

Developed in partnership with one of the world’s leading Foreign Exchange (FX) providers, DSFX enables individuals and businesses to access the full range of FX products and make global payments in over a 100 currencies from a secure, regulated platform.

Daniel Stewart and Company provides strategic advice on M&A, wealth management, investment ideas and fundraising advice to a range of clients including: companies, institutions, family offices and private individuals.



While we are head-quartered in London, we have global access via our membership of Global Alliance Partners (GAP), providing our clients with international reach and access in private equity, corporate fund raising, stockbroking and fund management.

Our Group is divided into five main arms – The Investment Hub, Foreign Exchange, Corporate and Institutional Broking, Corporate Finance and Crowdfunding.

Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance team acts as adviser to AIM, Standard List and NEX Exchange, as well as providing transaction advice.

Corporate & Institutional Broking

Providing the link between the Corporate Finance department’s transaction and advisory services.

The Daniel Stewart Investment Hub

Our Investment Counsel provides a full advisory or execution only service for the individual needs of our clients.

Foreign Exchange

Daniel Stewart Foreign Exchange (DSFX) is a bespoke foreign currency exchange/payments service for Corporates and Individuals.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we will succeed only if our clients' requirements are clearly understood and met in a professional and timely fashion. The full range of services we offer includes corporate finance, corporate broking, research, sales & trading, debt advisory and investor relations. Daniel Stewart is a regulated broker to both the Official List, AIM and NEX Exchange.

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